Wal*Mart: The Evil Empire

Wal*Mart... far too many horror stories come to my mind when I recall
my unfortunate past bonded to it.  Last summer, time and time again
people would witness my log ons after returning from work, and the
endless gripes that followed.  if only i had recorded them.  they were
quite entertaining kitiana tells me.  The above picture is courtesy
of Miriel and Tirven, when they came and met me at my parents house
in Southlake, Texas.  This section is basically a place for Wal Mart
complaints and gripes, from my archive and whoever else wants to relay
it to me and have me... edit it a bit.  Ill start this section off
with a tale from yesterday.

*The Elusive Party Photos*
Yesterday Zekk and I went to Wal Mart to pick up my photos from
kansas city and fjant's staying with me.  We had gone 2 days after
we dropped them off, and the pictures still werent back.  So, we
went about half a week later, and showed up right around 8 O'clock.
We stopped to look at some 60 cent hot wheels while a couple girls
were picking up their photos.  When they were done, we went up and
asked about my photos, and the lady said "We are closed.  Come back
tomorrow at 9am."  So, when we try to explain that this was our
second trip to get them, and it wouldnt take more than a minute..
well, she decided to turn her back and ignore us.  After a few more
unanswered questions, Zekk and I ended up stalking off muttering
obsenities about the quality of workers here in Las Cruces.  This
may not be the funiest story, but let me tell you how annoying it
was at the time. :P

*The "They are selling em out of the back" Lady*
Zekk and myself and Gully often go to Wal*Mart because the Star
Wars action figures there are cheaper than anywhere else in the
city.  Well, on our first trip to the new "Super Wal Mart" to
look at them, we were acosted by some lady.  She kept asking us
what we were looking for, and whenever we replied with a star wars
toy reply, she would direct us to soem other store (that still didnt
have it).  She kept referring to the fact that the 'new' action
figures were being 'sold out of the back' and to go somewhere
else.  I just shrugged her off as one of those annoying Wal*Mart
groupies and left.  We came back a few weeks later, and the SAME
lady acosted us, continually asking what all we were looking for,
and having some zany solution to the problem.  About 1/2 of the
times we go to Wal Mart, she is there in the toy isle, telling
us they are 'selling them out of the back' and directs us to the
wrong place to get stuff.  Trust me, its really weird to be continually
acosted by a lady in the wal mart toys section.  REALLY weird.

More to come soon!

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