Well, as we all know the competition for the top web page is
heating up, and here is one of my many solutions:  The weekly
elections.  This idea came from Thrikmar's idea to have a vote 
for Miss Arda, so that will be the first topic.  And, unlike
those big and fancy "html" pages, i dont really have a voting
system yet, so im gonna basically make a guestbook for it.

*HOW TO VOTE* - Unfortunately i dont have a vote system
yet, so instead of email, fill out the questionaire with
who you are voting for under comments.  You can choose to
put your name, or just leave it as Anonymouse.

Week 19 "Arda's least favorite Ainur!"



Vote for the Weekly Topic!

Voting for Week 19

Voting Results

Week 1 (April 5-11, 1998) "Miss Arda"
Well, it turned out to be a lot closer than I thought.  I, 
unfortunately, only got 2 votes.  Here are the names of the
people who got more than 2 votes...
Dawn, Ezekiel, and Aditu tied for 3rd with 3.  Chantress
took 2nd with 6, and Miss Arda, 1998 with 7 votes is....

Week 2 (April 12-18, 1998) "Arda's Best Roleplayer"
Well, this was also a somewhat closer vote.  Apparently ardians
dont really have a favorite roleplayer standing out in their mind.
But the winner of the title, this week, was "Gilgoroth".  
Congratulations, Gilgoroth, you are named "Arda's best roleplayer."

Week 3 (April 19-25, 1998) "Arda's Biggest Scumbag"
This was not even close.  Apparently lots of people (including 
himself) voted for Marsellus.  And lots of people (who were
almost all Marthaon) voted for Marthaon.  But Marsellus 
beat them all by far.  So Arda's Biggest Scumbag is
Marsellus, congratulations!

Week 4 (April 26-May 2, 1998) "Mr. Arda"
This vote was won by a large 'vote gathering' from Uinen.  If 
other people campaigned that hard, they could be anything they want.
Uinen is "Mr. Arda".

Week 5-6 (May 3-17, 1998) "Mud Sex King and Queen"
Well, this was quite a varied opinion, but the true always shine
through over the rest.  Let the Coronation Begin!  The Princess
of Mud Sex is Culfinglin, and the Prince is Solomon.  The Queen
of Mud Sex is Preciouss, and of course, as always, our king is
CHEWY!  Congratulations, Court of Mud Sex Land.  

Week 7 (May 18-June 7, 1998) "Arda's Worst Name"
And, pridefully so, my very first character "redbaron" won by a
fair margin.  Yes, good old redbaron.  I started him when i had 
no idea what the hell i was doing, and was too stubborn/sentimental
to give him up.  Way to go Redbaron!

Week 8 (June 8-15, 1998) "Arda's Unluckiest Soul"
Well, the vote count was low, but it was determined that Marthaon
and his many other faces is arda's unluckiest soul!  Poor guy
just doesnt understand that cheating doesnt pay off in the end.
Stop the nukes!  Ban Marthaon for good!

Week 9 (June 15-21, 1998) "Arda's Luckiest Soul"
Overwhelmingly chosen was Fjant.  I guess when you become
a pile of dust for "cheating" and then are brought back from the
dead convinced everyone that Fjant is one lucky bastard.  
Personally, i think it was a very nice magic trick, since Fjant isnt
quite as popular as sheriffs are with the gods, he returned to
the lands!  GO FJANT! :)

Week 10 (June 22-28)  "Arda's Oldest Newbie"
Well, it was a close one.  And the winner..... POUNDER!!
Yes, Pounder, Mr. Newbie, who spends all his time graciously
helping newbies out, you are Arda's Oldest Newbie! :)

Week 11 (June 29-July 4) "Arda's Sneakiest Thief"
Well, another close one.  Arda's sneakiest thief was voted 
to be....Bushwick?  I guess so, since I have never heard of
him other than me and Canther using his name as a sexual
connotation.  Congrats!

Week 12 (July 5-12) "Arda's Worst Pkiller"
Well, i didnt even expect this, but arda's all time favorite
blunderer, Khufu, is the winner!  Congrats Khufu on bringing
us hours of feeble entertainment!

Week 13 (July 13-Aug 1) "Arda's Worst RPer"
Yes, its quite well agreed.  THERE WERE NO FUCKING MAN SIZED 
BIRDS THAT TALKED IN ARDA.  :)  Pelican, by a HUGE margin
is "Arda's Worst Roleplayer!"

Week 14 (August 2-August 15) "Arda's Most Addicted"
Well, instead of the two prime candidates.. the winner....
MARTHAON!  And all his other personages.  You get double digit
maxed characters nuked, and you would think one would find another
hobby.  like ferret legging.  but not marthaon!

Week 15 (August 15-22) "Arda's Most Annoying"
For once, and a huge surprise to me, it was NOT Marthaon.  However,
Marthaon did take second quite easily.  But apparently the fad 
annoyance of the month (following up Softshoe and Dunedan) is...
STRID!  Way to go big guy! you've pissed off all of the mud!

Week 16 (August 23-Sept 7) "Arda's biggest loss"
Well, its an official tie.  Zona and Kitiana were equally missed
above everyone.  Oddly, nobody voted for Marthaon.  Everyone liked
him in the other elections. ;)  Well, goodbye kitiana and zona.
Arda still does miss you.

Week 17 (Sept 8-14) "Arda's least important loss"
Not surprising.  After how much Fitz started talking about how
great a player khufu was, we hold a vote and it turns out half
the mud could care less that he left.  Probably a good thing
for him he's not around to read this.  Oh well, better luck next
time, eh Khufu?

Week 18 (Sept 15-22) "Arda's Favorite Ainur"
Wow, coming out on top is the person who seems to get all the crap
from players as well.  Uinen!  Melkor came close, but Uinen edged
him out for the most popular ainur!  Go team!