Rathmar's Dictionary (A key to understand what the hell he is talking about)

Well, i am sure this list will be constantly updated with
all the more words that i remember, or create.  But ill
do it in Alphabetical Order:

"Batman: The Animated Series" - Adj.  Used to describe a
person who has a chin similar to the batman in the animated
series, IE a gigantic big sort of large chin type thing.

"Liversquat" - Noun.  Someone who does something that sucks, 
but does not wholy seem to suck.  More of a temporary state
of suckiness.

"Munch" - Noun.  Referring to someone who reminds you sort of
the generic Grimace guy, Munch.  Usually a defferential in
the direction of females you dislike, or find munch-like

"Onionfoot" - Noun.  Similar to liversquat in many areas.  
Does not take on the obvious meaning of 'smelly feet', but
more as the state of being like someone who would have
smelly feet.

"Orange Peel" - Noun.  When someone is referred to as an orange
peel, it is typically referring to their relatedness to not
being very cool, but not personally sucking in your direction.

"Shalackery" - Verb.  Shalackery is when someone is up to no
good in a more humourous way than serious.  For example, if one
were to be playing pranks on another person, the first person
would be up to some vile 'shalackery'.

"Spongelicker" - Noun.  Someone who sucks in a more permeanant
state.  Someone who you would wish to actually lick sponges, 
especially dirty ones.  Very dirty ones.  Typically used in
place of more harsh words when they would be deemed inappropriate.

"Suckocity" - Noun.  The state of sucking.  A lot.

"Sweet and sour fork" - Adj.  A term describing an incomprehensible
language used when no other better term is there.  Was based on
a mis-vocalization, but the term still holds true.

"Tomfoolery" - Verb. When Someone is in the act of jokingly 
messing around.  Very similar to "shalackery".

"Unfun" - Adj - When something is just not cool.  Can be used
both for extremeties, and for less serious situations.

Guide to many, many sexual references

These are not in any particular order.  Im just listing them
as they come.  Just fun ways to not get nuked (or imprisoned for
5 days like i did) and still get off that wacky joke you were looking
for.  The best ones are directed at Arwen.

"Pluck my Turnip"

"Dust my doilie"

"Ride the train to Rathmartown"

"Bunghole Bingo"

"Wax my car"

"Getting mileage on the odometer"

"Rust my armour"

"Delivering a sausage pizza.  With extra sausage."

"Riding the baloney pony"

"Slop me up some of that oatmeal"

"Lick me like an elvis stamp"

"Ive got more than fruit on my hat"

"Smack me over some shebangbang"

"Teach me a little bit about the 14th century"

"Slaver me in barbeque sauce and dip me in you"

"Ill show you why they call me the mayor of mcdonaldland"

"Ill teach you a little bit about lube jobs"

"Well, we almost had sex"

"They call me the king of pensylvania"

"Captain Midnight" (Pointing and laughing at you know who if you know
who im talking about.  Hahaha.)

"They all me the saddlemaster of the east. strap yourself in and
get ready to ride"

"ill give you a little bit of my special sauce"

"I'll do you like a stapler in heat"

"You know, theres a reason i wear a bib"

Ok, theres a few.  more to come soon!

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