Wheel of Fun: Weekly Trivia

Wheel of Fun: Trivia Edition is here!  Yes, Arda's First web page 
tolkien trivia.. with an ONGOING SCORE!  Yes, each year we will
have a new contest.. the first few weeks will be an experimental
phase to figure out the best format for this.. but you dont want
to read technical jargon, so ill get to the important stuff:

1: NO CHEATING! I mean it. I dont want any of you looking this stuff up in the books. It ruins he whole point of it, and if that starts happening, im going to take it down. This is trivia, its fun, so dont ruin it. This first week will be a week and a half long to get things moving.. advertising and such. Next, you can only submit one entry per week. giving multiple answers, and one being wrong means ZERO points. only totally correct answers count. There will be points awarded based on how many questions you get correct. I am going to attempt to keep score of EVERYONE's points and post the top 10 in the running score each week. Wish me luck :P Here's how its going to be. Im going to ask three questions from each of the categories: Hobbit+LOTR,Silmarillon+Unfinished Tales,Mud History. And thats it. I will list the point rating between each, and in the event of a tie breaker for the annual prize (will be a good one) we will host the match online! When answering, answer ALL questions by number, and INCLUDE YOUR NAME! Nameless entries are not scored. Best of luck to everyone. First place winner per week wins 500 gold, ties split.
This Week's Trivia Questions! Trivia will be UP TOMORROW!!!! Last Week's Answers! LOTR: (1 point) Who made the flood at the ford of bruinen? elrond (2 points) Who was Barliman's stable boy? bob (3 points) What is "Durin's Day" ? Be as specific as you can dwarvish new year, on the first day of autumn Silmarillon: (1 point) Who did Turin name 'club foot'? brandir (2 points) What is the name of the haven of the Eldar upon Eressea? avallone (3 points) What river swallowed Nienel, wife of Turin? teiglin Mud History: (1 point) How many times did the cock crow, before the great "nuking of sweden" 10 (2 points) Who was arda's first, and most well known "newbie gold hunter"? Humes (3 points) During one of the many great battles at Erebor, who stood for the light and battled Rathmar to save Erebor in its most dire of moments? Flint
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Q 1 : Write your Trivia Answers here.

Thanks for playing! -Rathmar and Staff The Score #1 Elendalas -39- #2 Thrikmar -27- #2 Grongi -27- #4 Elentar -26- #5 Sylvir -21- #6 Curuntar -13- #7 Drizzt -8- #8 Langor -7- #9 Ezekiel -6- #9 Shuma -6-

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