Yes, Celebrity Sumo Deathmatch is here! All of your favorite celebs will battle it out in a sumo-battle to the death, the winner will come from your vote! This will be a *MONTHLY* feature, so dont look for it every week. I will write a detailed battle-summary after the results come in. The more votes for one person, the more brutal the victory! Remember! Only one vote per email. And any suspicous mass hotmail's will be null and void :P Enjoy, and have fun!


Phil Hartman
Name: Corpse of Phil Hartman
Lowdown: Known well for performing on SNL for many, many years, he unfortunately was killed by his psycho-bitch wife, depriving us of much happiness :(
Training: Not only did he spend about a decade on SNL as such great characters as Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, and the Anal Retentive Chef, he also played several voices on the Simpsons, such as Troy McClure and Lynnol Hutz.
Specialties: He's dead. Dead people have some really amazing powers. Especially ones that are fighting in a sumo match. Dont count the corpse out.
Name: Jerry Seinfeld
Lowdown: He just left his mysteriously popular tv show to do.. well.. commercials? I have no idea what he's doing now, probably going to art shows or mixing special blends of coffee.
Training: He was a stand up comic, and I am sure his dodging ability has raised dramatically from avoiding broken bottles in sleazy strip clubs in his 'early' days. But i say his dumbfounding popularity has softened him up.
Specialties: He's got a really annoying voice.
Jerry Seinfeld

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Who Should Win?
Jerry Seinfeld
Corpse of Phil Hartman