Star Wars!

Yes, the best trilogy of all time.  I'm not sure exactly what
to put on this page except a big thumbs up to the fact that
Star Wars exists.  I usually have it on the TV next to me while
im mudding.  My favorite out of the three is The Empire Strikes
Back, the best of the series by far.  The picture above is my
second favorite picture of Vader.  I cant find a gif of my
favorite, which is a few moments later when Vader has his
fist clenched.  Ive read a lot of the books, but Zekk by far
beats me in Star Wars knowledge and collectors items.  My favorite
book character is Grand Admiral Thrawn.  He's just like, very
cool.  Ive played just about every LucasFilm and LucasArts game
out, especially all the star wars games.  Xwing is probably my
favorite.  I didnt play xwing vs tie fighter enough because my
joystick blows.  I just recently got Rebellion.  Its a very fun
game if you are into the fleet production games etc.  However it
went on the shelf less than a week later.  Starcraft is out.
I'll add some more things onto this page when i have more to add.

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