The Two Towers

For those of you who dont know, "The Two Towers", or t2t, 
the biggest LPMud in the world right now.  Its also the best
mud I have ever seen.  It has a great combination of roleplaying,
combat, and the *BEST* player interaction that there is.  There
is a link to it on my main page, check it out.  All of the 
following relates to The Two Towers.

Rathmar the Rat.. Rathmar has lived a long and chaotic life.  Lets
start from the beginning.. 
Rathmar grew up in Erebor, a child who came in with the first wave
of immigrants from the Blue Mountains.  At the time he went by
another name, forgotten by all.  Rathmar grew up, and showed
exceptional talent in organizing combat and leading armies.  One
day, the Mouth of Sauron came, and asked the dwarves for their aid
in finding a trinket for the Dark Lord Sauron.  He left unanswered.
Again, he came, and promised that one of the dwarves rings would
be returned to them if they gave their service to him in helping
to find this small ring for him.  Rathmar, in the best interest
of his people, went with the Mouth of Sauron to help.  Rathmar
was shunned by his people, and was not welcomed back.  Rathmar
then entered the army at Minas Morgul, and rose in rank quickly,
his savage side being able to shine through in leading battle.
He was later initiated into a group just forming, named the Sons
of Ulfang, but that is another story.. time went on, and Rathmar
was rewarded for his service with one of the seven Dwarven rings.
Rathmar proudly wore the ring, which he was given for conquering
Edoras.  However, unfortunately, Rathmar's ring was taken away for
a failure.. a failure which cost him not only the ring, but the
finger he wore it upon.  Since then Rathmar has been known as
the Four Fingered Fist, one of many nicknames stories tell of
him.  Rathmar grew weary of living under a poor commander, and
when he revolted, with Sauron's blessing, he was cast out, as 
were his friends.  Rathmar then spent many months gathering
information, telling stories, and learning more about the world
in general.  However this life was not for him, and he decided
to march with a new faction.  He joined up with the ranks of the
Meglivornth.  As a mercenary, he was able again to live the life
of one in a military order.  His days continued there, and he gained
respect and title rapidly for his many overachievements.  However
one day he disagreed with the Commander of his faction on a 
standpoint of honour and was kicked out for not bowing to his
'masters' every desires.  Rathmar continues to wander now, searching
for the ever elusive home.

The Wheel of Fun

The Wheel of Fun is a sort of 'game show' I developed in a fit
of boredom.  It was originally designed to be a short, high risk
game for people to play, with a chance of good things and bad 
things available to receive.  After a few test games, i realised
that the only effective 'bad thing' to do to someone was to
place a contract on them.  And so, then began the thousands
of gold spent on contracting people who "lost" on the wheel.
This game version is called "Classic" or "Original" edition.  It
was quite popular with the more "evil" people.  It still is fun
to play for kicks now and then, but has been surpassed in popularity
by the "Trivia" Edition.  The nastiest of the "prizes" on the
"Wheel of Unfun" (one of the spaces on the wheel is to spin the
very very bad wheel of nasty things) is the "Igor's Black Jackpot".
This is, in short, a death mark times three.  It is named after
Igor, the rimsilval who called the wheel "spam".  His head was
cut off later and given away as a prize on the wheel.
The trivia edition, in actuality, hasvery little to do with the
original wheel of fun.  Instead of three contestants, randomly
picking a number from 1-7, its three contestants competing to 
outdo each other in their tolkien and mud history knowledge.  
The winner, then, has a chance to either take a very small set
ammount of gold, or risk it all on a big spin on the wheel of
fun.  Jackpots reach sometimes up to 50,000 gold.  Before Minas
Tirith opened, there was a "Championship Week".  The winner was
scheduled to compete in a match against myself, and the reigning
champion Gilgoroth (he never actually won his way here, he was just
named champion).  This was the second biggest tournament.  The first
took place a long time ago, and was a multi bracketed tournament.
This tournament used the "Jeopardy Edition" which follows a jeopardy
style, and is the most popular of all time.
The last spinoff of this game was created by Rauko.  The "Wheel
of Pain" was a very nasty coded in wheel used to punish cheaters
or those busted for various offenses.  Some of its nasty side
effects were:  Leprosy, Loss of Hand, Imprisonment, Chained to
a post, and NUKE.  Though not common, it was still quite a popular
game in itself.
Thats about it having to do with the wheel of fun.  If you have
never seen the game, or wish to see it, contact Rathmar when he
is online, bored, and has pockets full of gold.


Classic Edition:  
There are three contestants.  Basically, there are seven numbers
to choose from.  Pick one of these numbers when it is your turn
and receive your prize, or spin one of the other wheels (unfun 
or superfun).  Its VERY VERY basic.  

Trivia Edition, normal:
Basically, you are put into an order, and get to choose between
receiving a hard or easy question (hard = 2 points, easy = 1 point)
in any of the three categories (LOTR, Silmarillon, Mud History)
or the infamous "Bonus".  A Bonus question is worth 3 points, but
is very tough and comes from a random category.  First person to
7 points is the winner.

Trivia Edition, Jeopardy Style:
There are the same 3 categories as normal edition, but 5 point
values, and only one question from each.  The values run from
3-7.  There is only one question in each (IE only one LOTR 4 points)
There are special bonus spaces randomly spread within the grid,
the rules of those will be announced when landed on.  After all 
15 questions have been completed, then it is time for the "Final
Wheel" question.  The final wheel question category will be given,
then in secret each contestant will wager their points, via a tell
to myself.  Once all the wagers have been made, the question is
asked.  There is one minute to send the answer in tell to me.
Once all the answers are collected, or time is up, then the
answers given are checked with the real answer, and the scores
are altered, and the winner is determined.  Then, the winner
can take the small token prize, or risk it all on a spin of 

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