So, I am always getting asked to "get rid of the damned popups".
Well, since i cant get rid of them, here's a few things you can 
do with them so that maybe you too, can enjoy popups.  First off, 
the popups have "many" interesting links to other places in tripod.
though, there isnt anything interesting there.  you can still go, 
and have many hours of "fun" reading about unicorns.  Canther, Just 
for you im going to try to make sure popups appear on EVERY one of 
my pages, since you love them so much :)  Popups for everyone! 

The Popup-Game

If you can find a way to permeanantly remove popups, mail me and 
you will not only get YOUR OWN PAGE, but become an honorary member
of Rathmar's Homepage of Doom Staff.

Thanks, and good luck.  -Rathmar and staff

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