A Bit About the Mud Parties..

 So far I have been to all of the "Major" Two Towers Parties, and a 
 few of the smaller ones.  The first real one, which began a trend
 for every 6 months, was the "1996/1996 New Years Eve" Party.
 Here is a bit about each of them
 1996/1997 New Years Eve, Albuquerque, NM -> Scottsdale, AZ.
 Here was the first real party that I heard of with lots of
 people from all sorts of places.  Aule, who had been going on
 a trip to the East, was on his way back and was going to arrive
 in time for New Years.  I decided that it would be cool to talk
 Canther into coming down, and we could have a small party at my
 house for New Years.  Alatar, who also lived in Albquerque, came
 over too.  We had fun staying up all night, and the next day we
 decided (Aule, myself and Canther) to go to Phoenix to visit a
 group of "fine fellows" who lived there.  Canther and I drove 
 out together, and we got a little sleep that night.  We arrived
 in Phoenix, and after waiting like 2 hours inside of a Target, we
 found out that everyone else was waiting out in the parking lot. :P
 Well, this was the first of many times that I met Fitz (ill have
 some embarassing pics/stories about him later).  I also met Popovod,
 Mornen, Things, and Pepper there.  All of us went out to Chili's,
 had fun, watched the "highlander", and stayed up all night playing
 games and stuff.  It wasnt quite the party that took place other
 places, but it was still really fun to meet everyone.  And here it 
 was decided that a party should be held in California over the 
 summer, since i was moving out there for College (which never 
 actually happened, but the party sure did.)  Probably the most
 memorable was the drive home though.  6 hours of sleep the last
 3 days wasnt a very friendly factor for driving home.  Canther
 went to sleep and I drove semi conscious back to Albquerque,
 while every hour waking up Canther to tell him that miniature
 golf nazguls were attacking the car.  He wasnt too impressed.
 Summer of 1997, San Francisco, CA.
 Theres too many stories to really fit in here, but ill try to
 tell a few.  Aule hosted this party, ill put up a few choice
 pics from it soon.  From the guests i can remember, there was:
 *CANTHER*,Aule, Mandos, Manwe, Lily, Ulmo, Rathmar (me), Fitz, 
 Mornen, Popovod, Flandaur, Kelthang, Elthor, Derex, Hanzu, Jimryl, 
 Klouse,Meri, Jingles, Osse, Astrakan, Navaar, Ezekiel, Aelfwine :P, 
 Elentari,Wanderer, Fenris, Phractal, and a few other people im 
 sure.  Among many events which transpired, Astrakan falling into
 a flower bed, Popovod and me having the "Great Drinking Contest I",
 and the homeless person's rejection of my jellybeans in San Fran.
 Ill go into detail on these at another time.. but it lasted about
 4-5 days and was lots of fun.  By the way, I beat Popovod in
 convincing fashon, who had some zany stories of his own, wandering
 about plastered beyond belief, making out with trees and such.
 New Years Eve, 1997/1998, Topeka, Kansas
 Oh, the even worse stories which sprung from this week.  The most
 memorable night (at least for me, since its one of the few i 
 can even remember) was the wacky escapades of New Years Eve.
 It all started at 11am when I started drinking some of the
 Captain Morgans over a game of Trivial Pursuit (as depicted
 below).  Basically, in short, many of us began partying rather
 early, and the party didnt stop until about 6:30am when Kelthang
 and I had "The Great Drinking Contest II".  This, which I barely
 won, resulted in Kelthang's puking all over himself, and the
 following day he was unconscious.  I didnt puke until the next
 day, and then... boy did i puke.  But before I passed out about
 half an hour after the contest, I "supposedly" went around, licking
 and biting people's shoes, claiming i was a horsey, extremely
 loudly.  This party lasted about 8 days, and was 8 days of constant
 January something, 1998, Las Cruces, NM
 This was a smaller party, consisting of myself, Zekk, Gully, Popovod,
 Mornen and Fjant.  It lasted only a weekend, and basically had one
 night of partying, which resulted in Popovod peeing next to my door,
 Mornen puking on my bed, and Fjant spiking our beers with vodka.
 Fun Stuff, eh?  I was cleaning for a few days after that one.
 Cinco De Mayo, 1998, Las Cruces, NM/Juarez, Mexico
 Well, many stories have leaked out from this one, but ill start
 you at the beginning.  The first day started out with me and Gully
 going to the airport to get Gilgoroth.  We brought him home with
 us and went out to eat at Chili's.    When we returned, Gully went
 to her room to study for finals, and Gil and i basically hung out
 a bit, drank a little beer, and gil went to sleep (after we talked
 on the phone to uinen and aurora.  gil had been up way too long)
 the next day, Canther, Elena, and Kelthang arrived around noon.
 We went and ate at the cafeteria, and Kel had some rancid meat.
 That night Elena convinced us how "Yukon Jack" would make us real
 men.  So, we drank some more.  I tried to drink a 40oz of mickeys
 after drinking various other liquors.. in 40 seconds.  Well, that
 didnt fare as well.  after about 30 oz's i got really sick and threw
 up.  Then i came back and finished the bottle and went back to
 partying.  That night, "apparently" kel logged on and called Aule
 "rudydawg" and was nuked.  We werent really sure if he would be
 The next day was the big day.  after lounging around and living
 with hangovers.. we went on the big trek.  the trip to mexico.
 We got kind of lost on the way in, and ended up driving around
 residential parts of Juarez for way way too long.  We ended up
 eating at a neighborhood restaurant and had the BEST meal i had
 that entire year.  The five of us were totally stuffed, and had
 about 2 sodas each.. for 20 bucks.  VERY good.  we tipped the
 cook guy 5 bucks for being very cool and went off to find the 
 parties.  we cruised the streets of juarez for a while.. and went
 off on some strange road elena wanted to go on, which was not 
 near any of the parties.  eventually we wandered back to the party
 place and found a place called the 'kentucky' bar.  there were like
 40 people around 18-23 partying hard.  Every other place ahd been
 DEAD.    Kel and I went off to cruise the party scene to see if that
 was the only cool place, also we went and picked up some cuban
 cigars.  After partying for about an hour, Kelthang and I were
 getting into the big partying group, which was really one big group
 apparently on a tour bus that went around and partied.  As soon as
 we were talking to some of the really cool people (and the hot
 chicks), the group had to get back on the bus to go to their next
 destination.. at 10pm!  Some of the people we were hanging out with
 us rebelled, but some Doogie Howser type punk was gonna play tattle
 tale, so they all left.  And, after kel and i had 10 corona's and
 a few shots of tequila, we were bummed.  After cruising the streets
 for another party, we were offered some cocaine and seemingly
 EVERY corner had a guy just standing there.  it was really weird.
 Also, there was a cab guy everywhere too, wanting to take us to
 Pistol Petes or something, which seemed to vary in distance each
 time we asked.  We ended up at the Yankee Club, and basically
 partied there for another 4 hours.  Gil kind of.. heh.. well, had
 the hots for the waitress lady, so i had to do all sorts of
 translating.  They didnt have corona at this bar, but they had
 dos equis.  I have no idea how many of those we had.  We met this
 dude, Jimmy.  He was an oldish guy, but really cool.  He spoke
 some english, and talked to Canther and Elena for awhile.  He bought
 them some beers, too.  I liked him, and since i was basically the 
 best spanish speaker there, i had to translate for kelthang, since
 he didnt seem to understand that french and spanish are different
 languages.  He didnt really understand a whole lot that night, after
 awhile.  Kel and i smoked about 3 packs of cigarettes, for some 
 reason we kept taking gil's.  Well, after Gil tried to talk to this
 one whore, her pimp guy was trying to make kelthang buy him a beer
 so he didnt kick his ass.  It was all confusing.  Also, there was
 a guitarista there named Manny, who kelthang kept trying to sing
 and dance for him for 9 pesos (about a buck).  I dont know if he
 ever really did it, but i bought manny a beer.  The poor guy only
 wanted to play pool, and kel wanted him to dance.  Then we met this
 other guy, who kel claims was named 'martin', but his name was
 Jaime.  He was boring.  He didnt want to talk, i think he lost his
 job or something.  It was weird, the bar was empty until 2am, it
 totally filled up.  then closed at 3am.  While kel and i were
 smoking, a cockroach was on the bar, a small baby one.  i smashed
 it and put it in the malboro wrapper.  I turned my head and looked
 back and kel had a big grin on his face.  I looked in the malboro
 wrapper.  it was empty.  i looked at gil and he was laughing his
 ass off.  Kelthang ate a cockroach.  a mexican cockroach.  When
 we left the bar, we were approached by this guy.  He took our
 picture, and Kel and i started to talk to him.  He was telling us
 about how he was going to take over the southwestern united states
 and that we would be welcome in his country because he felt sorry
 for us.  We got in the car and left.  Canther stopped to get some 
 gas, and i decided i needed to come in and help him.  I walked 
 over to the counter and banged my hands down on it 3 times and
 stared at the register guy.  Canther paid and left, and dragged
 me with him.  We got back to my dorm, and Kel started running towards
 the door.  We ALL thought he would fall.  He didnt, somehow.  When
 we went inside, there was a bicycle chained to a tree.  He got
 on it and started riding.  Well, it was chained to a tree, and 
 kelthang ended up breaking the chain.  We went up to the second
 floor where my room was, and kel started running so he could fly
 off the rail.. elena had to grab him by his pants and yank him
 down so he didnt leap off to his death.  The next day, canther
 and elena were leaving the following morning, so Kel and me and
 gil were the only ones drinking.  Gil drank a good chunk of a
 bottle of stoliachnaya.  Me him and kel started playing bond, and
 gil was running around in totally random directions.  It was
 hilarious.  Gil curled up and went to sleep when kel and i were
 looking the other direction.  So ends the great mexican fiesta,

Above is a picture of me, Kelthang (the guy who is having the problem with keeping the beer from bottle-to-mouth) and Fjant (who beat the hell out of me in about 15 of those drink a warm beer as fast as you can contests. This is from the party in Kansas. Here's a list of the people who went there: Myself, Fitz, Fjant, Canther, Kelthang, Elena, Tirnor, Uinen, Miriel, Tirven, Eol, Ezekiel, Chewy, Azarael, Curuntar, and.. uhmm... i know a few more people. I just dont remember too much about that week......

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