Missing Persons

Gommel: Gommel, this web page's number one fan has not been
on the mud, or on icq, or on the web page in some time.  Nobody
has heard anything from him, and his mud family is worried.  He
is a canadian.. and.. uh.. he.. goes to school.. somewhere.  And
since we know that all canadians are the same exact person, it 
shouldnt be too hard to find him, wearing a maple leaf on his
shirt and toting a hockey stick.  And not being able to pronouce
'out and about'.  Well, french canadians are not like other
canadians.  They are all like twilight.  Though twilight is not
a french canadian, well, yeah.  It still holds true.  So look
for a canada guy with a "Rathmar's Homepage" Tshirt.  If you have
seen or heard anything about him, mail me personally.
Missing since: Early April, 1998
Update!  Still unexplained for his disappearance, Gommel
has resurfaced!  Though he has not yet participated in any
Rathmar's Homepage of Doom activities, he still has surfaced
on Two Towers.  Welcome back, Gommel!  BTW - If you do not
start playing some games im revoking your '#1 fan' status and
page.. ;)

Shasta: Shasta, the cookie passer-outer and zebra something of
Arda has disappeared, with out a trace.  Well, with a lot of
traces, but she still has disappeared.  She.. well, she claims
she is a zebra with an army of wild turkeys, but I know better.
She really is this person who goes around writing "Rathmar" on
people's legs and kicking a guy named Jason in the cast.  If you
have seen this person, mail me immediately.
Missing since: Late April, 1998

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