Picture One: The "Night Before" Party night kicks off.  Canther
the bad ass on the left, next to "Raging Bull" Robert Deniro 
(IE Gilgoroth), Kelthang.. before the cockroach, and the "Mayor
McCheese" Rathmar smile.. its why i dont ever smile in pictures.
or try not to...

Picture Two: In Mexico!  Rat and Kelthang (post-cockroach) kind
of hang onto everyone for balance, while Canther, Raging Bull
and Elena wonder if the camera man will be stealing their camera..
(on a side note, the person who is taking this picture was the
infamous dictator of the southwest usa..)

Picture Three: Kelthang's Ass.  We saw enough of it during the
week, so take a good long look to make sure you dont miss any
of it.  A good LONG look.

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