Rathmar's Collegiate Bum Menu

Here, I decided to list off a menu of tasty goodies for those all
night mudding/computer game playing freaks out there, who are about
as broke as I am.  Well, right now I am about $150 in debt, at least,
and I have a month left of school to try and survive.  So here 
we go with a listing of things to eat/drink that will keep you..
well, technically alive.

Main Dishes:

Ramen Noodles.  Any way you slice it, this is the.... well, 
basically cheapest way to survive.  However, if you live in a
dorm like mine, sterilyzing the water beforehand is a good idea.
Trust me.  My towels smell like people rubbed their feet all
over them.  And its not because i do that, but its due to the
rancid water (i have no idea how that is possible) here in
Garcia Hall... Ramen Noodles, however tasty, eventually get
a bit bland after having about 60 cups of the same flavor.
(They are sold in packs of 12 at Wal*Mart: The Evil Empire for
only 1.30 or so)  So here's some types of ways to prepare Ramen
to spice up your really boring night life:

Taco Bell Ramen:  Take one package of ramen, put it in your 
container, and add in 3 packets of Taco Bell Hot Sauce.  It
doesnt really make it 'hot', but it gives it a spicier flavor
and tastes.. well.. ok if you are broke.

Onion Ramen:  Buy some onions from somewhere, and slice them into
teeny tiny little bits, and dump them into the ramen.  They will
soften up and actually add some decent flavor to them.

Ok, Another source of.. food is potatoes.  They are typically very
cheap, and can provide many meals if you are broke.  Fjant helped
me truely appreciate them.  Some different toppings, if you have
some money to spare, that are good are:  Pace Picante Sauce,
Tostito's Cheese Dip - my personal favorite.  And the ever
present, steal from the student union, butter salt and pepper.

Taco Bell Bean Burritos.  I dont care what you have to say, when
you are tired of everything else, stock up on some of these and
heat when hungry.  im sure it would be cheaper to make your own..
but that takes effort.. and time.. and who wants to do that?

My newest addition... RICE!  Yes, extremely cheap and very
easy to prepare.  A bag of about 4 meals of rice is like 93 cents.
Just remember to ALWAYS buy (or take free packets of stuff) to
use as topings.. plain rice is just.. no.  Here's a few varieties
i have found..

Mustardly Rice = Rice, with mustard.  Sound interesting?  Well 
yes it is interesting...... very...... interesting.

Sugar/Cinnamon Rice = With a right combination of sugar, cinnamon
and butter a small tasty desert can be concocted for very cheap.
Pretty tasty.

Mexican Rice = Taco Bell Hot Sauce + rice can come out to be a
"flavorful and culturally enhancing experience".  Yumyumyum.

Rice with stuff = add stuff to rice to get a mix of rice n stuff

Kelthang's Tuna Surprise = add a bunch of rice and tuna and spices
and crap.  Its really gross though.  We all know kelthang has no
taste.  So like, skip backwards and use those.


Kool-Aid.  Cheap, efficient, and easy to get.  However, its much
cheaper to buy the tiny packets and some sugar than the kind with
sugar.  It takes a little more effort, but in the end its great.
If you get really broke, add in less of the tiny packet and more
sugar to even out the taste.  Just brush your teeth a LITTLE extra,
because it will eat through enamel quite fast.

Wal*Mart: The Evil Empire's Free and Clear.  Its like 50-60 cents
for a 1 liter bottle.  Many flavors, and quite tasty when chilled
to a very cold temperature.

Tea:  I know tea isnt exactly everyone's favorite drink, but for
like 2 bucks i got a pack of 100 tea bags from the grocery store
across the street.  You can make iced tea, or hot tea and just
add sugar.  VERY simple, and easily efficient

Pepsi:  It costs more, but its well worth the effort.  Two liter
bottles are the cheapest way to get it, cans may look like a deal,
but they really arent.  However, to the true pepsi lover like myself,
check the dates on cans and make sure that the freshness is still
intact.  Any cans that are currently not blue will NOT taste good.
Most likely if you get cans from a place that is overstocked, it
will also be out of date.


Ok, everyone needs SOMETHING to munch on late at night, and if
you are low on cash here's some good tips on stuff to get that
will keep you on the level.

The "After Halloween" candy sales.  Here is where you get all the
candy you need for the next semester and a half.  I have a bag
of dumdum lollypops from last halloween, and its still half full.
150 lollypops for 2 bucks.  quite a deal.  Just make sure and dont
underjudge what you will need.  Overstocking is the key.  Except
on chocolate.  That can actually go bad.

Zekk's Spicy Nacho Doritos.  I personally cant stand them, but Zekk
loves them like crazy.  But they are expensive.  Do not buy them.

Well, ill continue to add my foodscrapping secrets here as often
as i can.  Enjoy for now!

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