***WARNING*** - The following page and connected parts of the page
is extremely opinionated.  If you have a problem with someone who
doesnt share your opinion, and is quite vocal about it, then go
to some other page.  This page deals with intimate issues such
as talking hamburgers and bastardly people.  Thank you, -Rathmar
and Staff-

News and Updates
News Update: September 14th, 1999 Well, yes, it has been far too long since I updated my page. FAR too long. I guess first things first I should enter a page about the great road trip. I think I will get to work on it tonight. Other than that.. I'm not quite sure where to begin. It really is hard to maintain a webpage for months on end... And so the return of Daily Complaints is as of yet unsure. But one thing is certain - I will finish up the Flashnet page, as I have stopped working there. Hopefully soon another similar page will start up - we shall see. Secondly, the great trip's webpage will get put up... and then after that.. who knows. Any suggestions will be appreciated. The 'mail' idea for top 10 etc didnt seem to work out all that well. So until I figure out a better procedure, I doubt those will continue. But for now, lets get down to business and see how far I can get to work.... MAYOR MCCHEESE IS UNVEILED! Doing a new feature of the month. Schedule is behind, but i might just make it afterall. Well, daily complaints are up. Lets hope it can last awhile. My main goal now is to get the sub pages up so that the daily complaint archive is accessable. News and Main Page <5/30> Bastard of the Week <5/30> Daily Complaints <5/30> Top 10 <5/7> Feature of the Month <5/30> Love Problems <5/7> Rathmar's Homepage of Doom: Classic Edition IF you would like to link me, please use this image as the link.. Any questions or comments, please mail me...
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