***WARNING*** - The following page and connected parts of the page
is extremely opinionated.  If you have a problem with someone who
doesnt share your opinion, and is quite vocal about it, then go
to some other page.  This page deals with intimate issues such
as talking hamburgers and bastardly people.  Thank you, -Rathmar
and Staff-

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News Update: Nov 18th, 2000 Well well well. I bet you never thought you'd see this again. I'm considering getting some new stuff on here, or perhaps a whole webpage redesign. Rathmar V 3.0! Let's see if i can egg him into helping me. "Him" meaning Arturo - master of webstuff ALSO! We are up now as www.rathmar.com MAYOR MCCHEESE IS UNVEILED! Heh...Updates. Rathmar's Homepage of Doom: Classic Edition IF you would like to link me, please use this image as the link.. Any questions or comments, please mail me...
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