***WARNING*** - The following page and connected parts of the page
is extremely opinionated.  If you have a problem with someone who
doesnt share your opinion, and is quite vocal about it, then go
to some other page.  This page deals with intimate issues such
as talking hamburgers and bastardly people.  Thank you, -Rathmar
and Staff-

News and Updates
Trivia is down until I find a new trivia master, or have time myself. Due to its low popularity, for now i am going to work on getting new and fun things for you to do. If anyone knows much about java randomizers, please mail me. !!UPDATE!! Hey guys and gals.. I know you're all disappointed that Rat hasn't updated his page in over a month, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here! I might have to take over this joint if he doesn't move his ass one of these days. So anyway.. I did a little Star Wars updating over in Zekk's Corner and a little other tidbits here and there.. feel free to drop on by to my corner in the "More Places of Mine to Visit" section. - Zekk News Update! Well, i just wrote a damn 3 page news update and it didnt save it, so here's the skinny. im moving, and so i will be getting everything into the gears to get this monster moving. The competitive spirit is returning. Ive got ideas for new areas, scrapping old areas (celebrity sumo) and turning zekk into a more envolved player here. plus, im going to redesign the front page into a faster loading, nicer looking, smaller thing. perhaps toss up an image map. anyway, stay tuned over the next couple of weeks while i get things moving... News! <11/22> Bastard of the Week <9/22> Daily Complaints <9/14> Top 10 <9/22> The Weekly Election <9/22> Feature of the Month <9/24> Rathmar's Homepage of Doom: Classic Edition COMING SOON:! Plus.. Smashing Pumpkins.. in HTML! (Yeah right.. whatever -Zekk) IF you would like to link me, please use this image as the link.. Any questions or comments, please mail me...
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