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***WARNING*** - The following page and connected parts of the page
is extremely opinionated.  If you have a problem with someone who
doesnt share your opinion, and is quite vocal about it, then go
to some other page.  This page deals with intimate issues such
as talking hamburgers and bastardly people.  Thank you, -Rathmar
and Staff-

My name is Darryl Brown.  I am 19 and currently moving around the
country.  Im most likely going to end up in Topeka, Kansas soon.
My icq number is 3736706.


Update: Like you give a fuck when i update.  None of you read
this anyways.  You all scroll down and read your daily complaint
or your bastard of the week or whatever the hell gives you your
jollies, then you bolt off to some other web page.  See, this is
where all the blood and sweat comes from.  the stuff that NONE OF
YOU GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT.  No matter what i put here, you gont
give a damn.  So im going to put as much funny stuff as i can here
so all the people who CARE get some FUN.  HA!  -Very Bitter and
Sober Rathmar.   PS, Kelthang just got back from over a month
in Seattle, so if i dont update, mail complaints to: 

Update:  Here we are, the "alternative" homepage.  Its like
having Rathmar's homepage in classic edition.  I hope you guys
dont end up prefering this page, especially since its without 
the new anti popup machine.  oh well.  Ill update it for Gommel's

Trivia is down until I find a new trivia master, or have time
myself.  Due to its low popularity, for now i am going to work 
on getting new and fun things for you to do.  If anyone knows
much about java randomizers, please mail me.

Kerosion is going to set me up with a lame click banner to earn
some cash.  Ill set it aside somewhere, or do something else
with it, but if you all would simply click on it then skip
back your browsers every day, i would greatly appreciate it.
The person with the most clicks per months earns a super
special surprise.  Though, they have the ip checks on clicks,
but you just need to go every day.  Thanks!

Any Questions or Comments, mail me at: Rathmar@hotmail.com

COMING SOON:!  Plus.. Smashing Pumpkins..
in HTML!   **WOOHOO!! -ZEKK-**

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