Well Here's the latest addition to my page, something I think that I can update at my own pace... its my movie review page...and here's the scale: 10 - Instant classic and should be seen multiple times in the theatres. 9 - Definately worth seeing in the theatres at least two times 8 - Worth paying full ticket price to see. 7 - Worth a matinee ticket 6 - Worth seeing if someone else pays, otherwise wait for the video 5 - Worth renting if you split the $3 with someone else 4 - 49 cent rental 3 - Do not pay to see this movie. Maybe if its on cable on a saturday and your hangover is so bad that you can't get up to find the remote to change the channel. 2 - Do not watch this movie. Find the remote, hangover is no excuse. 1 - Most horrid masterpiece of badness. Reserved for only the worst of the worst. I mean, this would have to be something starring Richard Simmons and Alanis Morrisette going off to fight crime. Bad, bad bad. 0 - I really cant see anything hitting this low. This is beyond low, this is.. well, i doubt anything will get a zero. Something can't be that bad. But... the world always surprises me.
Fight Club (10/23/99) I have recently developed quite a liking for Edward Norton, the unnamed narrorator and star of this movie. He made a Richard Gere movie be good (Primal Fear) and was just amazing in his academy award nominated role in American History X. Well, He continues to amaze me in Fight Club, an offbeat movie about men who beat each other up. When I first saw the advertising for Fight Club, I really thought Brad Pitt had made a very bad choice of movies. But low and behold this movie was not only funny, but very entertaining. Like the director's previous movies, The Game and Seven, this doesnt quite follow your standard movie format, which is always a huge plus in this movie. All in all, This movie rates seeing in the theatres. I almost want to see it again... which is something I never do. Rating on the Rathmar Scale: 8.5