Here is a bit about each of the friends and enemies ive run into 
during my time here in arda.  Everyone likes to have their name
mentioned somewhere.  Ill try not to make this too long...

Canther - Canther is probably the person i looked up most to
when i was a newbie.  He was already seeming to be a legend
in his own time, and I hadnt really even encountered him.  The
first time i met him he gave me the grb, which basically made
me begin to follow him.  As time developed I became great friends
with him, and though he has departed with arda, he is still one
of the best friends i have had in arda.  His greatest talent was
the collecting of information and the ability to keep everyone
together.  He was always first to explore new areas, and has
died due to bugs more than anyone ive ever seen.  His loss is
the heaviest I have ever felt in Arda.

Kerosion - Though i only knew him as Kero for a little while,
Kerosion and i have had many great adventures in other lands,
and i still try to keep in contact with him.  Unfortunately
some of arda's less informed citizens continue to slander him
and his skills, however Kero has always been there for me and
he is another i wish would come back to arda.

Curly/Daekam - When i started in arda, Curly was one of the first
people to guide me, and basically taught me everything i needed 
to know to survive.  Unfortunately we had a falling out, and 
though i dont hate him as much as i do fringers, i still wish
things had gone better than they did...

Dawn - Oh Dawn, recruiting me for the Dark Knights when i was
a wee level 2... she has gained 1 level since i first met her,
but she continues to hop into arda for a few minutes when i least
expect it..

Dreen - Unfortunately, I didnt get to know Dreen until i was an
ainur, but Dreen truely is one of the strongest of heart men i
ever encountered.  He would always strive to complete his mission,
regardless of the harm it would bring to himself.  Arda truely
misses his him.

Fitz - Fitz, that wacky and zany guy.  He was always so proud and
vocal of the Meglivornth, but he happens to leave not too long
before I join.. how ironic.  Fitz has always been one of those
enemies i always get along with, but am never on the same side
as.  Too bad he has that affection for good :P.  I remember when
Alanis got mad at me for being the first real Crusader of Justice.
Theres lots of stories to go along with this guy.. maybe ill make
a page for it sometime..

Kelthang - Kelthang, along with Fitz, are two of my best friends
who are enemies, always.  Even after the entire smearing of Edoras,
Kel and i still continue to get along pretty well.  Fitz and 
Kelthang though have been ignored by me for many months at a
time.. i really should learn to stop ignoring people until i
have a reason to stop....  Kelthang is another person who i wish
would turn and fight on my side.. but that stupid pride thing is
always getting in the way.  

Ismandor - Ismandor is one of those people who i really like and
get along great with, but i rarely ever see him online.  Together
we did lots of stuff, but nowadays i rarely ever get to talk to
him.  Hopefully this summer we will have a blast.....

Astrakan - Another one of my swedish friends whom i rarely get
to see anymore.  Astrakan saved my life a number of times, and
for that I am eternally in his debt.  Though, unfortunately,
I still think he needs to learn to like my jellybeans.

Fjant - Fjant is the person who finally got me motivated to
train all my skills to 100 and learn to kill.  His motivational
seminars helped me learn that sheriffs are bad.  And they must
be dealt with.  Though lots of people tend to hate Fjant, and
even I dont always agree with his methods or views of the game,
I would always be there to help him if he needed it, and he would
do the same for me.  Just dont let him get near your soup ;)

Valerian - Argh.. Valerian is the cause of half of my frusteration
in the game.  Though the more sensible of the tandem, I think my
ego and his ego are both too big to fit in one space, so i tend
to not get along with the guy.  Though, I wouldnt mind running
into him on the street one day.

Dravin - The other half of my frusteration.  This guy always finds
a way to piss me off, i dont know if he means to, or whether he
just really sucks.  I will give him credit where its due though,
but I tend to have him on ignore half the time anyways.  I wouldnt
mind running over him on the street one day, preferably going
rather fast.

Lis - Lis is someone who I didn't really get to know until awhile
after I knew most of her friends.  Though, since then, Lis has
always been a good friend and someone I can count on to help
me when I need her.  Too bad she doesnt sell packs at her 
discount rates anymore.. 

Talon - Talon, the person who is always going off for a smoke
break, is one of my better friends.  Always having wacky 
adventures breaking into the lab, he's always good for a laugh
or two when you are frusterated with Dravin.  Which is quite

Canton - Geez, I know far too many people from Sweden.  Canton
was the person who really started to make me become friends with
the swedes.  I talked to him a lot when I started to get annoyed
by the mud.  Hopefully he will return soon, I miss him.

Gerney - This guy is a real dick.  I cant stand the bastard and
I sincerely hope i never have to see him in the same room again.

Zekk - Ah, Zekk, my successful pupil.  Though I really cant call
him a pupil anymore, or even take credit for training him much,
he has made a lot more out of himself than I expected him to do.
In recent days he has made an excellent tag team partner in making
player kills and such.  Unfortunately though, Zekk doesnt always
see situations the same as I do, or, well, he doesnt follow me
around like i wanted him too :P  Damn independancy!

Marthaon - I just felt like putting his name here.  He better
give me some gold for it, too.

Chewy - King of Mud Sex!

Allusion - Allusion was a fun friend to have, though recently
I think he decided to ship off and ignore me.  But he was a 
fun partier, and I still owe him a shipment of Cuban Cigars.

Aurora - Aurora tells you: Hi, how are you?  I see this pretty
much every time i log on.  Aurora is a really nice person, and
i wish i had gotten to know her back when i was an SoU.

Uinen - Uinen has a terrible taste in hats.  And i swear that
she is a demonic talking skull intent on conquering the

Navaar - Navaar was someone ive known for a long time, but have
never really gotten to know very well.  He is a really great
guy though, i just wish I had gotten off on a better foot with
him at the beginning.  He's also got a fun taste in drink and
women.  His opinions about swedes makes me laugh too ;) 

Wanderer - Wanderer has a good taste in books.  He's also a pretty
fun guy, if only he was a few years older.  Though he has a tendacy
to not exist in the same character for too long, i really like
the guy.

Uther - Uther, for such a long time one of my roleplayed arch
nemesis's.  I killed his Father at the battle of erebor.  Though
now things are different.. everything has changed....

Grongi - Grongi is someone I didnt really know until i joined
the Meglivornth.  Since then she has been a good friend, and 
a level headed person to talk to.  I think she is convinced
that Zekk and I are insane.  Boomer though hasnt really been
around.. too bad they didnt make it to Kansas

Popovod - This guy i get along with pretty well in real life, but
i can never seem to get along with him on the mud.  Though i
still think the best thing he ever did was leave the valacirca.

Mornen - This guy really needs to update his web page :P  Mornen
was great as Erendir, one of those foes i really liked to battle
against.  Mornen though is quite different, but i still like him.
Too bad the bastard puked on my bed though :P  He's not quite
the world's best bowler either ;)

Tirven - This guy cracks me up :)  He's really laid back and 
quiet, but when he does say something its hilarious.. a different
kind of humor im used to :)  

Freddie - Freddie was the last of the swedes that I really got
to know.. unfortunately he wasnt able to come stay with me due
to... school of all things.... but he's really entertaining
and i still need to smack him around for immorting.  

Gil-Goroth - Though not exactly popular with most of my
friends, Gilgoroth was always the noble level headed rival
of mine who shared a lot of similar beliefs with me about 
how the game should be played, even though he fights for
the very wrong side.  He represents probably the best example
of Dreen's spirit than any other i can remember.

Eloz - DO NOT PLAY THIS MAN AT CHESS!  Though barely awake,
he could still always find some way to beat me.  *ARGH*
wizards.. i still think we should lynch them all.  ALL!

Ohtar - I could not STAND Ohtar as a newbie.  He was just so
damned annoying.. *argh* but, after all that, he became a truely
noble warrior and someone i admired.  Now, he is a Knight of
Dol Amroth, and quite innactive.  Too bad :(

Meri - Meri was always there to give me advice on all of my
many problems I encountered.  Though i rarely ever see her
anymore, Meri was one of those people who is really easy to
talk to and tell more than you should tell any other mortal

DeBoraha - Deb, the 'boring' girl that I never bothered to
associate with :P  Finally i got to know her and she turned
out to be a rather interesting person.  Though I dont always
agree with what she has to say, at least she doesnt like the
SOU either.  Thats always a plus in my book.

Rauko - Oh, Rauko the slippery Power, who was once my newbie
lord.  Unfortunately my mind warping beam has never been
able to get him to be biased in my favor, he's usually a
pretty cool guy.  I talked to him for a bunch of hours when
I was drunk in Kansas.  But, he's always liked my games, so
I have a soft spot for him (since he doesnt yell at me to
shut the hell up when i play them).  Plus, if you ever want
to be humiliated in mud history, try competing against him.

Curuntar - Curuntar was supposed to suck really bad when I
met him, but surprisingly he wasnt.  (Aelfwine claimed that
title and wouldnt let go).  Curu's actually a pretty fun guy
in real life, and i wouldnt mind meeting him again.  Though
dont start pressing him on certain godtype stuff cases.  He
was kind of a broken record in kansas ;)

Lily - I didnt even get to know Lily until the SF party,
but i seriously am glad i did.  Lily's fun and is great
to talk to.  Unfortunately though i see her once every
three weeks or so now. :(

Elendalas - Elendalas seems like a nice enough guy, but he
always tends to make me want to hit things.  He also knows
way too much about tolkien.  Update!  Elendalas, for some
reason, seems to have hit the level I am at, which is a
sort of boredom where you reach a comradery with other 
players who are there.  So, i actually talk to him off and
on.  He has a good taste in music though.

The Rimsilval - Categorized as a whole, the rimsilval are
sometimes decent enough, however they always seem to be mad
at me for something or another, so we are never really getting

Pepper - I met Pepper in Phoenix, and have always been friends
with her since.  She's nice and fun, and actually entertaining
to talk to.  Though i do still tease her a bit much.

Ulmo - Ulmo is just a really cool guy.  I met him in SF
and really hope to meet him again.  He also had to walk
the train tracks too ;)  He's a big wine drinker, but still
one of the cooler people ive met from the mud, i wish i had
talked to him a bit more when i had the chance.
I just wrote all these off the top of my head.. ill edit it
soon and update it with all those i forgot..

Drizzt - Well, I dont really know what to say here.  I guess
he has grown up some, and so now I can actually talk to him
without twitching.  So, Drizzt's an ok guy in my book.  Just
as long as he is never promoted to Power through some miracle,
then god save us all.

Razor - I had Razor on ignore for about a year for some reason
I dont even remember.  Razor's a pretty cool guy though.  I guess
now, for some reason, i get along with some of the Rimsilval.
Hmm... ....  ...  never thought i would say that.

Solomon - I started talking to solomon again after another period
of *cough* ignoring him.  And we got along a lot better.  He's
fun to talk to, even if he is a kiwi.  Though, his mudwife on 
the other hand... well, I dont think I have said more than 2
words to Culfinglin in the last 9 months.

Wendag - Wendag's a fun person who I stumbled into one day
randomly sending tells to people.  She's really nice, but seems
to always be busy with some sort of school project.

Ezekiel - Ezekiel and I originally got along pretty well, but had
a huge falling out over the SoU incidents.  Thankfully, we were
able to patch things up in Kansas, and now talk quite often.  He's
got a good taste in drink too.  He makes a fun person to talk to
in combination with Tacitus.

Farugh - Ezekiel's former roommate, I really didnt talk to him
for quite awhile.  But, after I started talking to ezekiel, i 
talked to him more too.  Im still hoping he and ezekiel come
through here in a month or so.

Langor - The crazy aussie.  Well, not really crazy.  but, he is
an aussie.  He's one of the level headed good guys that there
seem to be fewer and fewer of nowadays.  Though, for some reason
he clings to liking Seinfeld.  and, as such, has a few too many
suck points.

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