Dragonball Z has MANY MANY characters, ill try to stick to only the major and kinda important characters.. (the ones i could find pictures of)

Goku is the main character of Dragonball, and Dragonball Z (the first and second series). He is a Saiyan, which is a race hailing from the planet Vegeta. He was sent to earth as a baby, and during the first series he has a tail. He hit his head as a baby, and basically turned out to be a pretty cool guy as opposed to a pretty cool yet hungering for death and badness guy. His son Gohan is pretty much the "other" main character in Dragonball Z, and i think is the main guy in Dragonball TR (the third and final series). His wife is Chichi, an annoying lady who is in constant worry.

Gohan is the son of Goku, and during Dragonball Z is supposed to be about 5-6 though he's more like 9-10 it would seem. He is basically a spoiled brat until Piccolo trains him for a year to prepare for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa, who plan to destroy all of earth's inhabitants.. in the beginning of the series, Gohan has a huge strength within him, stronger than any of the others. As time passes, Goku far surpasses the hidden strength, but Gohan is still young and nowhere near the height of his power...

Piccolo is my personal favorite character. Unfortunately, the namek race cannot really compete with the saiyans, but Piccolo manages to do very well anyways. Piccolo cares greatly for Gohan, and watches over him. He's sort of a guru of battle, he is very honourable, and knows much of combat and battle in general. He hails from the planet Namek, which has a big part in the storyline for Dragonball Z early on... but, like Goku, he doesnt remember any of his time on Namek. Piccolo has some relation to Kami, guardian of the earth, that i dont quite fully understand.

Vegeta is another character i like a lot. The entire time I have seen him, he has basically been the "bad" guy, though he seems a lot less bad when compared to Freeza. Vegeta, like Goku, is a saiyan. Vegeta apparently turns good.. or at least into an ally later on (somewhat similar to Piccolo at the VERY beginning of the series). Vegeta is a prince on his homeplanet (now destroyed) and is very intelligent for a saiyan. And he is cocky, very like a saiyan also. We first meet him with his partner, Nappa, when they decide to head to Earth to use the dragonballs to wish for immortality.

Krillin grew up with Goku and they were best friends. Krillin is a really really short guy, kind of.. well.. not MIDGET... but close. He's also bald. He has no nose. He has 6 dots on his head. And he has a crush on Bulma, but no chance. Poor guy! Supposedly though, he is the "strongest human on earth"... the truth in that is probable, though I personally think Tien is a better fighter. Krillin spends a lot of time hanging around Gohan during the Dragonball Z series. He's a pretty nice guy, though.

Yamcha was sort of a badish guy in what I have seen so far in Dragonball, but in Dragonball Z, he is one of Earth's weaker fighters. He's a fun character, and is always getting into arguements with his on and off girlfriend, Bulma. He's pretty good friends with Krillin, and has a flying cat sidekick, Puar. He also studied under Master Roshi.

Tienshinhan, or Tien is another bald guy. There sure are a lot of them. In the first series, he was studying to be an assassin under the rival of Master Roshi.. apparently he even BEAT Goku! Tien went downhill a bit since then.. but is still full of heart. His sidekick, Chaozu means a lot to him, and any harm to him results in a very angry Tien. Tien has a third eye in his forehead, that I havent really seen do very much. He is an expert in multi form, and invented a move ive seen do quite often, called "Solar Flare".

Chaozu is a sort of strange midget mime guy who talks like a really tiny child (in voice, not in maturity), and hovers around. He sticks by tien, but is the weakest of all of the defenders of earth. He seems prone to death, also. Though, weak.. he has made up for it in courage on many occasions. One is his sacrifice against Nappa.. which unfortunately has very little effect, though a very brace sacrifice indeed.

Freeza is a very unpleasant surprise that Gohan and Krillin find on Namek while searching for dragonballs to wish back Piccolo. Vegeta is also quite astounded at the strength of Freeza, who has many henchmen searching the planet. Vegeta begins to kill off Freeza's men, as do many of the Nameks, but the Nameks have little hope against the might of Freeza or Freeza's top men, Zarbon and Dodoria. Freeza is apparently EXTREMELY powerful, but i have yet to see Freeza in action.

King Kai trained Goku after he was killed in the battle with Raditz. Goku got much more powerful, and learned the Kao-Ken technique. King Kai lives at the end of Snake Way on a small planet. He is apparently the supreme martial arts master, however those he can train... have to be dead. Bubbles, a monkey who lives there is used in training new trainees, as is Geoffrey, a small kind of grasshopper man. King Kai keeps in constant contact with the others after he trains Goku.. Tien, Chaozu, Piccolo, and Yamcha all visit him after they die in the battle with Nappa and Vegita.

Raditz is a Saiyan, and the estranged brother of Goku. He begins the Dragonball Z series by kidnapping Gohan, and fighting Goku and Piccolo. Raditz is the weakest Saiyan that is seen in action during the entire series... Goku sacrifices himself so that Piccolo can kill Raditz. This brings on the quest of Nappa and Vegeta to come to earth to get the dragonballs, and the long year ahead of them...

Nappa is Vegeta's sidekick (though it would appear visually the other way around). Nappa is, well, a blockhead. He is pleased by pain, and enjoys random destruction. His kill total on earth of real warriors is 3, though two of them were suicide attacks. Chaozu and Tien sacrifice themselves to kill him, in vain. Nappa also broke off Tien's left arm at the forearm. Tien kills Piccolo, who sacrificed himself to save Gohan, taking the brunt of a gigantic super death attack beam. Goku finally returns and beats Nappa up, though it is Vegeta who ends up giving his now worthless comrade the 'final blow'.

Kami is the Guardian of the Earth, and lives on his lookout high above the Earth. Kami is a Namek, like Piccolo, and they have some strange connection that I do not understand. Kami, unlike Piccolo, is generally friendly and peaceful unless his anger is provoked. He created the dragonballs on Earth.

Karin is a white cat that has a funny sounding voice and likes to say that "Goku is such a wildman". He lives on Karin Tower, which is below Kami's Lookout. He grows sensou beans, which restore people's strength.. greatly. He doesnt really appear very much, but when he does.. well.. he doesnt do very much either.

Puar played a more important role in Dragonball, in Dragonball Z she seems to basically hang around in the big group shots. Puar is Yamcha's little sidekick. Puar has the ability to transform herself into pretty much anything. She faints after Yamcha is killed.. that was her big moment in the Dragonball Z series that I have seen so far.

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