Name: Darryl Brown

Age: 19

Occupation: Former Wal Mart Employee.  Retired with an injured back,
and no compensation.  BASTARDS.  Currently a Collegiate bum.

Favorite Bands: Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, NiN  

Least Favorite Bands, most likely in most hated to less most 
hated order: Pearl Jam, No Doubt, ska (may not be a band, but that
word alone can describe about 50 of those new shit bands that have
no talent and are getting by on a hopeful temporary phase.  its like
everyone is david lee roth), Alanis Morrisette, Marilyn Manson 
(actually, its not really even marilyn manson anymore.  its the
people that glorify him.  i liked his stuff on the lost highways
soundtrack, but a lot of his other stuff just..blah), all of those
bands you see pop up for a song or two, with some hippity hop
skippydobebop beat, and then disappear for eternity until you hear
it sometime eating in a Denny's and go: "man, did i HATE that song",
any band that actually admits to playing an "Edgefest".  The Mighty
Mighty Bosstones, Tracy Bonham, anything that is played on MTV once
per hour that has bill belamy telling you about how the next rock
song is a 'hot sweaty jam'.  Oasis.  Oasis.  I dont really remember
the rest of the list, since i dont have radio anymore (thank god)
i am not exposed to the suckness of it all.  But dont worry,
im sure there are more to come.

Favorite Movies:  The Empire Strikes Back, Braveheart,Star Wars,
Return of the Jedi, The Godfather, The Godfather II, Goodfellas,
12 Monkeys, The Game, and yeah.  Pretty much any movie that leaves
you with one of those confused and disturbed feeling... the kind
of movie that doesnt follow that really lame 'dramatical' script.

Least Favorite Movies: The recent installment of "Booty Call"
and the following sequels, "The Player" etc etc etc etc.  I also
dont really like action comedies that much (with the exception
of Jackie Chan, how can you not love that guy?)  Also...anything
made by USA films.  or USA anything.

Favorite Actresses: Alicia Silverstone and Sarah Michelle Gellar
(I never promised that they would be overly talented, though
Alicia isn't a bad actress.  Clueless will mar her future forever

Favorite Actors: Harrison Ford.... uhh..... hmm.  Ok.  This list
isnt as long as i planned.  I also like Mel Gibson and... some..
damn this is a hard topic.  Quentin Tarantino is pretty fun too.
Though not really a favorite ACTOR.. but hey.  Oh yeah, Robert
Deniro ROCKS.

Favorite Drinks: Pepsi.  

Least Favorite Drinks: Coke

Favorite Alocholic Drinks:  Heineken.  Tequila after a great
many heinekens.  This list seems to get shorter.

Least Favorite Alcohilic Drinks: Whiskey when im sober

Favorite TV show:  The Simpsons.  

Least Favorite TV show: I really REALLY hate Seinfeld, and "Mad
About You".  *shudder* Paul Reiser just reminds me of this guy
that was never funny and always sucked on this show called
"My Two Dads".. wait a minute.....

Things I like: Mayor McCheese, people who dont harass me about my
grades, people who dont harass me about giving a damn, the two
towers mud (with the exception of when i am getting 24 bits per
second, like i am right now), Ramen noodles, my neat pen board
thing, the WHEEL OF FUN, and, well, i guess thats it.  My n64 is
pretty entertaining too, i guess.  I also like anime, like 
dragonball Z and sailor moon.

*note - there are some rather hateful things under things i hate.
it may seem as if i hate the entire hispanic culture as a whole,
though in truth i just really hate the two mexican suitemates i
had in college.  thanks! -Rathmar and Staff*

Things i HATE: My damned neighbors who talk in really high pitched
voices and play mariachi music all the god damned time.  i really
hate that boom boom shit i get through the wall.  i swear one day
im gonna snap and go over there and pp7 their ass.  i *HATE* it
when people chew gum around me.  i hate it when people POP gum
around me.  i just hate the entire gum thing.  I hate it when people
chew like they are in some sort of nature film.  I hate it when
my microwave cheddar popcorn doesnt pop, and when inspected poors
out molten hot cheese stuff all over your hand and keyboard, i hate
it when im trying to sleep at 6pm, and my neighbors start clapping
along to some fucking tvshow.  god they suck.  i hate it when my
english teacher tells me she is going to pass me if i do X ammount
of work, and when i do it, i still get a god damned F.  i hate it
when i wake up at 10pm, just as the dining hall closes, and so i 
have to eat ramen noodles.  again.  i hate it when my parents say
they are gonna get me a car, and then they get me this really crappy
1987 plymouth duster, that looks like its from Mad Max, and then
when i go to college, they say 'you dont need a car there' and sell
it.  I hate it when they delay starcraft.  again.  for the damned
millionth time.  I hate it when my COMPAQ computer fucks up.  which
is actually more often than you would guestimate.  I hate it when
Furrs starts harassing me to pay off my late movie charges.  I
hate it when my phone gets cut off because of a $6.35 bill that
I didnt have any checks to pay.  I hate it when i make cocoa in
one of my mugs, then that cocoa stuff solidifies inside, and when
i make tea or cider it tastes like cocoa.  i hate it when people
say "Wierd" instead of "Weird"  or "Looser" instead of "loser".
I hate it when i log onto the mud and i get harassed for something
i didnt do.  I hate it when i go down to the lab to mud to kill
someone, and when i FINALLY get there, i lag out on an npc and die,
5 minutes after arriving (and my target has also decided to log off)
I hate it when my parents call and i have to talk to my dad and 
he harasses me about school or money or something.  I hate it
when I work at Wal Mart and they keep me over an extra 4 hours
to lift air conditioners for the regional manager.  I hate it
when i work at wal mart and i get this new recruit on my team
and he acts like my boss and tells me what to do and shit.  Alan
was a real dick.  I hate it when i fall asleep in a closet.  Ok,
i think that covers Things I HATE, Part I.

Things that i HATE even MORE: I hate it when i am taking a nap
and the neighbors bang on my door to borrow my broom, and then
they dont even bother to return it.  i hate it when we go to
taco bell and they close it because a gang of like 15 guys are
in there fucking around, and the people working there dont want
them there, so they close it and i dont get my damned tacos.  i
REALLY hate it when my roommate (now ex roommate, thank god) goes
and fucks around with my stuff, and BREAKS major mc cheese's arm
off! FUCKING BASTARD!  I also hate it when my roommate would come
home at 4am on a school night, from mexico, and wake me up to
ask me if his buddies can pass out on our floor.  like i fucking
care what his welfare pals do, as long as they dont touch my stuff.
i REALLY hate it when this guy who lives near me comes over and
acts REALLY nice so he can borrow an N64 game, then the next day
in the hallway, im suddenly dennis miller and untalkable to.  
i hate it when i go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, 
and on my burger they put everything i didnt want, and nothing
that i asked for.  ive even gotten a fish sandwich by mistake
before :P  bastards!  I hate it when people think its "cool"
to put your speaker up to the wall and turn up the bass as high
as it can go.  i really dont like the "BOOM BOOM" noise it makes
at 3am on a tuesday night.  and i guess its "uncool" to go bang
on their door and yell a bunch of obsenities.  I hate it when my
RA comes by and harasses me because my 'movie is too loud' but he
doesnt even stop to worry about the assholes next door, who's 
acordians and high pitched 'aye aye aye's' are getting in the way
of finding out what happened to luke skywalker's father.  i also 
hate it when im apparently about to be "dropped" from my math
class, but i never get the stupid slip.  so i sit around, waiting
for weeks, worrying on whether or not im in the class or not, until
its too late to reinstate myself.  I also hate it when people say
its "wrong" for me to swipe cups and trays from the cafeteria.

Things that I *HATE* so bad that *HATE* is in asterics...
I hate it when i rent this cool movie ive always wanted to see
and then my VCR mccrunchems messes the tape up, but i think that
the tape is what is screwed up, so i return the tape and get a
different copy, so i take it home and start to watch it again 
and its MESSED UP AGAIN!  Its really bad when your VCR starts to
make weird twisting sounds when playing a tape.  very very bad.
I hate it when i go to take a shower and there is all sorts of
really disgusting black hair all over the shower.  It really
makes the experiences that much worse.  I hate it when you want
to stay a few days in your dorm over spring break, and they turn
off the heat, hot water, etc.  Those butt clenching showers just
arent my idea of fun.  Neither is having a room so cold that the 7
people inside playing wrestling arent enough to make the roomer
warmer.  It was warmer outside, now isnt that a strange thing.  I
hate it even more when I go to pick up my sociology paper and they
mark me down *15* points for not adding another half page.  My god,
how anal can you get :P.  I hate it when i realise i have more money
in a jug full of change than i do in my bank account.  I hate it
when my ex roommate current asshole fucks with ym stuff and breaks
off mayor mccheese's arm.  and i dont care if i mentioned that before.
it still really PISSES me off.  I hate it when my next door neighbors
"forget" to unlock the door to the bathroom (i share a bathroom with
two mexican guys next door.  i dont ever have to actually see them,
ive never even said a word to one of them, but i thought you should
know) well, i hate it when they lock the door so i have to find some
grimy old lollypop stick to put in the hole and jimmy around until
it unlocks, all the while having to pee REALLY bad.  I hate it when
zekk pulls off some miracle interception on madden 64 and beats me
at the last second :P  I hate it when i buy this really cool talking
Boba Fett keychain thing, and it ends up only saying one line..
"Take Captain Solo to the cargo hold".  Blah.

The "Weirdest" Dream Ive Ever Had, or "One of those dreams where
you wake up and just go.. "huh?":  Alright, im not sure exactly
what order these events came in, but im going to guess (you know
how dreams are).. basically, i was eating dinner at my lesbian
aunt's house (that i dont have) on the front lawn with a large
italian family that i also dont have.  We had some long conversation
about vcr repair, or something similar, i dont really follow it,
and then i went into the back yard.  a bunch of homeless people
were there with three dogs with the head of ducks that attacked
me.  i had to beat them down with my great fence of doom.  after
that i went inside and started to watch the tv, which was full of
only lesbian pornography in a foreign language that we 'werent 
supposed to watch'.  I went down into the basement, and some 
babysitter there had just killed a kid, leaving hair and blood
all over the floor, and stuffed the body into a box of fiber
filled cereal.  She had some pitchfork covered in blood, and 
when she attacked, i dodged, and she impaled herself on the
corner of a table.  The next thing i remember doing was i was
wearing swim trunks and offloading groceries from a mini van
with this guy i had met like 3 times, into a house ive never
seen.  It was strange... I really wish i could have normal
dreams like having miami vice steal my stolen strawberry pie.

Things i HATE almost as much as I hate Uther:
I hate it when I get this call from my parents telling me that
the money i just withdrew from my bank account that i thought
my parents had given me was really money they deposited so that
they could pay my taxes with it, so now im really fucked.  i
hate it when im trying to sleep and someone comes by and knocks
and you tell them to go away and then they BANG on the door,
thinking you were just 'kidding around' the first time.  I hate
it when those BASTARDS next door dont give me back my broom. 
Then they go and sing in the shower in the morning and damnit
i really hate that singing, its like taking a slidewhistle, 
bashing it against a wall, then playing it over and over again.
I also hate it when i go to bed late, but knowing i have a test
the next day, and then somehow in a tired daze convincing myself
that i dont really "Have" to go, and when i wake up hours after
my test, i cant even remember how i was able to talk myself
out of going.  I hate it when the salt and pepper shakers i stole
from the cafeteria arent able to be refilled with the pepper and
salt i stole from the cafeteria to refill them with.  stupid one
use stuff.  I hate it when i actually see the sun rise 6 times
during a single week, and then realise i have to go to sleep.
I hate it when i make a phone call, long distance, thinking that
"hey, its a couple bucks, will be fun" and then get a $110 phone
bill.  i am accepting donations on paying that, by the way.
I hate it when i buy this card game that looks like it could
be fun, and then the booklet makes it seem so complicated, so i
leave it sit on the shelf forever and never actually play it, but
when i go to the store, i always seem to buy another similar game
with the similar result.  i hate having dreams where you are talking
to a chick and then you run into a palm tree.

Hmm... i always seem to have plenty to bitch about.  look forward
to more updates over the next few days.  i have a sociology test
coming up.  i bet i can make a whole page or three about that one..

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