Yes, ive complained about it forever.. and now i bring it to you,
the BEST of aol junkmail!  you can mail these people if you
happen to be interested in anything they are selling.  im not
gonna bother making any links though.

Subj:	Turn your ims on so we can chat!
Date:	12/1/98 11:45:03 PM Central Standard Time
From:	Nesarr1111
BCC:	Rathmar0

Hi, what's your name? I tried to instant message you but you 
had them turned off :(. Well, when you turn them on, im me. 
I would love to chat, and maybe even get together sometime! 
My name is Lisa and I just moved to your state from France, 
where I was a Playboy model. Now I need someone to show me 
around. If you would like to see what I look like then visit 
my page, just click on the link. I got plenty of pics! Dont 
forget to instant message me!          - Lisa
(end message)

Ok, the funny thing about this message, was that the entire thing
was a hyperlink to some sort of '' organization. I
read her profile, and she is 'an exotic dancer' and 'loves to chat
on AOL'... somehow, i dont think that exotic dancers are going
to be getting their jollies from the freaks that are AOL... but,
you never know....

Date:	12/1/98 11:33:09 PM Central Standard Time

is the small long distance fee, nothing else at all!! Literally 
pennies compared to the 900 numbers!! No more outragous 900 number 
fees, it's crazy to pay that much for phone sex!! This number is so 
cheap, people are calling back by the thousands!! AND it's 1 on 1 
hot phone sex, but not only that, you can also listen to live 
recorded phone sex, if you are shy, or listen to fetishes, or 
anything else that toots your wistle! This number is so HOT that 
we had to get backup numbers because it is busy all too often, 
so call any of the 4 numbers below!
-767-445-1774, 1-473-407-9050 , 1-664-410-3997, 1-664-410-4142
We Also have a Gay chat line, for meeting gays all over the world, 
or right in your town/city!! 1-664-410-3431
(end message)

Subj:	hey
Date:	12/1/98 11:45:01 PM Central Standard Time
From:	Viper22283
BCC:	Rathmar0

Are you 18?  Yes OR  NO 
(end message)

what a fantastic idea.  this is surely going to make people think
they are headed to the 'rock the vote' page on anyway,
clicking on "No" sends you to  clicking on yes sends
you to some strange bestiality site.  A short and somewhat 
entertaining mail...

I have a nasty suspicion that these people either are having some 
sort of hidden charge scam, or are some VERY very lonely girls.
Free phone sex just doesnt happen unless you are dealing with
a clan of america online lonlies.... please, mail these people
and let them know what you 'think' about them.

Subj:	college girls nude!
Date:	12/1/98 11:25:32 PM Central Standard Time
From:	Angismif
BCC:	Rathmar0

Great Free Sites
"The Internets Best Free Adult Sites" -Playboy Magazine
"Bringing You Great Free Adult Sites in 1998!" -Ynot Network
18+ Only Please
click one - [JUMPSTATION] - click one
Lesbian Gay Couples
Big Tits Small Tits Anal Oral Cum Shots Teen Orgies Porn Stars 
Live Feed Avi's and Mov's Pamela and Tommy Hardcore Softcore
Transexual Fatties Fetish's Bondage Celebrities Anime Amature
(end message)
This message had a very helpful list of places to go.  My personal
favorite was the "Fatties".  What a nice way to categorize your
ponographic tastes.  

Date:	12/1/98 11:37:00 PM Central Standard Time
From:	JasnyPan
BCC:	Rathmar0

Cum here for free xxx pictures!
(end message)
Well, here's another classic fun email message.  First off, we 
have the typo in the message.  It *REALLY* makes me want to
open that baby up.  Then there is the ever so popular 'cum'
instead of come... originality is just reeking in this message.
but, at least it was concise.  scan, delete, move on.

Subj:	come here to see the green pea!?!?!?!?!?
Date:	12/1/98 11:26:12 PM Central Standard Time
From:	WILLYbuba9
BCC:	Rathmar0

Hello, and THANK YOU for requesting our mail.

CLICK HERE For the joke of the day!

CLICK HERE If you have questions or comments.

Click Me!
(end message)

Ok, lets begin with the ever so entertaining "thank you for 
requesting our mail."  I only got this mail because i went
into a cybersex chatroom on aol while i set this page up, for
roughly 15 minutes, and ended up with 31 junkmails.. i think
i have a lot of material for this page now :)